Applying to the GAU Grant Fund

Grant Fund Overview

The GAU Executive Committee has established the GAU Annual Grant Fund to support the growing financial needs of graduate assistants in their endeavor for excellence at the University of Rhode Island. Funding is available for dues paying members of GAU for the reimbursement of expenses directly related to the presentation papers or research, delivery of poster sessions, performance or exhibition of creative work, or other pursuits of a professional or academic nature for our members. Funding awards are intended to help cover registration fees, travel, accommodations, the purchase or acquisition of necessary supplies or equipment, or other related expenses.

Please note, in order to qualify for funding, you must have been a dues paying member of GAU for one full semester before applying to the grant fund. If you are not yet a member of GAU and would like to become a member, you can join our organization by filling out and submitting your membership card, found on our membership page

The GAU executive committee reserves the right to withhold funds until any additional documentation requested by GAU has been submitted and reviewed. For further information, please contact GAU by phone at (401) 874-2826, or via email at


How to Apply

  • Download and complete the 2018-19 Grant Fund Application.

  • Include copies of all of your receipts.

  • Submit proof that you attended the conference.

    • Examples include: a photo of your name badge, the program listing your presentation, or a picture of you with your poster.

  • Provide a Statement of Purpose (3 paragraphs, maximum) explaining how this conference or research relates to your academic pursuits.

  • Sign and date the application form. Your signature must be a physical signature.

  • How to submit your application to GAU:

    • In person at 307 Roosevelt Hall

    • Email your scanned application packet, including receipts and supporting documents in one file to

Please note, if your packet is not complete by the deadline (December 1st or May 15th), your application will not be considered until the following application cycle. 


Application Deadlines

Applications are reviewed twice per year.

Fall Application Deadline: December 1

Spring Application Deadline: May 15

Grant Fund Restrictions

  1. Funds are for members of Graduate Assistants United (GAU) only. If you are a graduate assistant but not a member of GAU, you must submit a signed membership card prior to applying to the grant fund.

  2. The cost of food and drink is not reimbursed by GAU.

  3. Graduate Assistants may apply for funding once per academic year.

  4. The grant fund will be allocated a fixed sum each year, which shall be approved at the fall general membership meeting. Funds will then be distributed proportionally each semester to the total number of qualifying applicants, not to exceed the maximum award amounts listed below.

  5. GAU will not reimburse for previously reimbursed expenses (i.e. no double dipping). If the applicant received funding from another source, this must be disclosed on the application under "Other Funding Sources".

  6. Please apply for the grant fund AFTER the conference has concluded so that receipts can be submitted. 

  7. Awards must be deposited within six months of disbursal.


Maximum Available Awards:

Conference (Presenting)

Domestic (Continental US and Canada): $250

International: $500

Conference (Attending)

Domestic (Continental US and Canada): $150

International: $300


Domestic (Continental US and Canada): $200

International: $400

Workshops (Presenting/Attending)

Domestic (Continental US and Canada): $100

International: $200