Adopted September 24, 2002

Amended October 17, 2007


The Annual Meeting for the election of officers and members of the Executive Committee shall be held at a convenient day in April.

At least one general meeting will be held each semester.

The terms of officers and members of the Executive Committee elected at the Annual Meeting shall begin on June 1 and shall continue until the following May 31.

The meeting of the AAUP and its committees shall be conducted in accordance with the rules laid down in the latest edition of Sturgis Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure (New York: McGraw-Hill Book Co., Inc.) except as may be provided otherwise by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Chapter. The President of the Chapter may appoint a parliamentarian to advise him/her on parliamentary procedure.

4-1 Appointed members of the Grievance and Conflict Resolution Committee shall be chosen prior to the general meeting in the Fall Semester. The term of office of the appointed members of the Grievance and Conflict Resolution Committee shall be approximately one year commencing with the date of appointment and continuing until their successors are appointed. Members may be re-elected or re- appointed. The Executive Committee shall appoint a Chair of the committee.

5-1 Unless otherwise specified in the Constitution and By-Laws or collective bargaining contract, and in the absence of a clear emergency, the call for all general meetings of the membership, including information regarding time, place, and agenda, shall be e-mailed to all members in sufficient time so that they will have seven (7) days notice. The agenda shall state all items of business to be considered which are known at the time the call for the meeting is issued described with sufficient detail to enable all members to prepare for action thereupon.

6-1 Quorum at all general meetings shall consist of twenty members.

6-2 A quorum at Executive Committee meetings shall be five voting members.

7-1 There shall be a nominating committee composed of at least three members: the immediate past president, if available, and at least two appointed by the Executive Committee from a list of stewards, generated at the first General Meeting of the Fall Semester. The Executive Committee shall designate the chair of the committee. Members of the committee shall serve until the Annual Meeting.

7-2 Prior to preparing its reports, the nominating committee shall solicit suggestions from all members of the Chapter. It shall obtain the consent of its nominees before publicizing their names. It shall complete and submit its report to the Secretary in sufficient time to be included in the call for the meeting at which the election is to be held.

7-3 All nominees must be members in good standing of the URI Chapter GAU/AAUP.

7-4 There shall be no limit to the number of nominees for each position.

7-5 Additional nominations may be made from the floor at the meeting Spring General Membership meeting, provided the consent of the nominee is obtained.

8-1 When vacancies occur in the elected Executive Committee offices, the Executive Committee shall, within 20 school days, appoint a replacement for the remainder of the term. The appointee shall be a member in good standing with the Chapter.

9-1 The Finance Committee shall consist of the Chapter President, Treasurer, and three stewards appointed by the Executive Committee based on recommendations from the President in consultation with the Executive Director and Treasurer. The committee shall elect a chair from among the appointed members.

9-2 The Finance Committee shall be charged with:

1. Reviewing the Investment Policy and proposing modification to it, as needed, to the Executive Committee.
2. Ensuring implementation of the Investment Policy. 3. Meeting, on at least a semiannual basis, with the portfolio manager to review the performance
of the investment portfolio. 4. Providing to the Executive Committee following each meeting with the portfolio manager a
report summarizing the status of investments. 5. Collecting, reviewing and recommending to the Executive Committee, disbursement of funds
for the Grant Fund applications.



10-1 It shall be the duty of the Election Committee to oversee and/or perform any tasks necessary to the conduct of an election. These tasks shall include: assuring proper notice of elections, checking ballots prior to elections for errors and unclear wording and format, maintaining the security of the ballot box, verifying the eligibility of voters, counting ballots, certifying elections results, and undertaking any other tasks or duties which may arise during the course of an election and which the Committee, acting on its own or at the direction of the Executive Committee, deems necessary for the fair and proper conduct of an election.

10-2 The Election Committee shall be appointed by the Executive Committee and shall consist of the Chapter Secretary who will Chair the committee, three stewards, and a non-member.

10-3 It is the duty of the non-voting Committee member to serve as a witness to the activities of the Election Committee, and to report to the Executive Committee any actions that he or she may deem improper. The non-member may attend all meetings of the Election Committee, and shall be allowed to join in discussion.

10-4 The election of individuals to Local Chapter offices shall follow the rules and standards described below. Deviation shall be considered grounds for setting aside an election.

A. The selection and eligibility of candidates shall be determined by Article VII, Nominating Committee, of the URI/AAUP by-laws.

B. Ballots:

1. Upon receipt of the Nominating Committee’s report, the Executive Committee shall undertake, with the assistance of the Election Committee, the preparation of ballots. Sample ballots and relevant background information shall be made available to all eligible voters at least 14 days prior to the ending date of an election period. Official notice of the election will be made using e-mail and regular mail, as appropriate.

2. Included with the official notice shall be clear instructions that shall include the location of the ballot box, hours for voting, and the precise date and time after which ballots will not be accepted.

3. Only in-person voting shall be allowed, except in special circumstances where research or employment as a graduate assistant will make the eligible voter unavailable during the voting period. In such cases, the Election Committee shall make special arrangements for advanced voting, or other voting options. Ballots from such a process will be segregated in a separate ballot box, in the case of a dispute.

4. All ballots shall be placed in a ballot box, which shall remain sealed until the end of an election period. Ballots shall be counted as soon as possible after the close of an election period. The Election Committee has responsibility for counting the ballots, but may enlist the assistance of any other individuals who are not candidates in the election. The time and place for the counting of ballots shall be included within the instructions for voting, and any interested member of the Local Chapter shall be allowed to attend.

5. Following certification by the Executive Committee, results shall be posted on the website and an official transmittal of results shall be made, in writing, to the Executive Committee and to all candidates. All ballots, signed envelopes, tally sheets, transmittals of results and other records incidental to the election shall be retained by the Local Chapter for a period of no less than one year.

C. The Election Period:
All voting shall be in-person, except where noted in the By-Laws or Constitution. As mentioned, the voting period shall last for at least 24 hours, said period being at the discretion of the Election Committee.

D. Eligibility for Voting:
In order to be eligible to vote in a Local Chapter election, an individual must meet the requirements of membership under the constitution and by-laws of the Local Chapter and be a member in good standing. Any bargaining unit member who qualifies for Local Chapter membership becomes eligible to vote immediately upon joining or rejoining the Local Chapter. There is no waiting period for eligibility. (See URI/AAUP Constitution, Article I, Membership.)

E. Challenges to Elections:

1. Any Local Chapter member who wishes to file to an election shall do so as soon as possible after the election period, but no later than 7 days following the certification of election results.

2. Exceptions shall be presented, in writing, to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall schedule a meeting to hear exceptions within seven days of receipt of a complaint. The Executive Committee shall conduct the meeting in such a manner as to give all complainants opportunities to present their arguments and evidence. This will be done during the Executive Committee meeting that certifies the election results.

3. The Executive Committee may take whatever action it deems necessary to remedy a complaint, including the ordering of a new election.

A. At least two weeks before the election, the Election Committee shall make all members aware of the impending election. Such announcement shall indicate the offices to be decided and eligibility requirements for voting.

B. The Election Committee shall also oversee the contract ratification process as outlined in Article V of the URI/AAUP by-laws as well as amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws as outlined in the URI/AAUP Constitution, Article IX.

C. All elections shall comply with the Constitution and by-laws.

These By-Laws may be amended in conformity with Article X of the Constitution by a majority of the members voting at a general meeting.