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Why are we voting to change our affiliation?

Affiliation with the National Education Association Rhode Island (NEARI) will allow our union to not only survive, but to thrive in today’s challenging times. NEARI affiliation would benefit us in many ways, including connecting GAU with the broader labor movement in Rhode Island as we conquer some of the hurdles our union will face in coming years.

Re-affiliating GAU with NEARI will ensure the survival of our union and to enhance our ability to fight for each other.

What does reaffiliation with NEARI mean for YOU?

Re-affiliating with NEARI will be a huge benefit for all of us. This change will strengthen our union, and in turn, strengthen your experience here as a GA. GAU will remain OUR union, run by Grad Assistants here at URI. NEARI will simply help us serve Graduate Assistants more effectively. Contract negotiations will continue (raises are on the horizon!) There will be no change in dues, no change in leadership structure, and no change in overall control without explicit approval by our members.

What happens if we don’t reaffiliate with NEARI?

This would present significant risks immediately and in the future. Most importantly and immediately, the raises and benefits we’ve been negotiating for will be delayed indefinitely.



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