GAU Bargaining Blog Update #6


Happy New Years, everyone!!!

As we ring in 2019, we have some great progress to report. We came to an agreement between the council and our team to finally articulate when a GA promotes from level 1 to level 2 to level 3 pay in our contract. Our contract, once ratified, will clearly articulate when we are eligible for a pay bump related to our academic progress. Furthermore, we will then be able to do something about it if we aren’t promoted at the proper time.

Grad Assistants have three levels of pay articulated in our contract. Here’s how you know what your pay level should be, and when you should advance from one pay level to the next:

Level 1: All Graduate students without a Master’s degree

Level 2: Incoming Grad Assistants begin at level 2 pay if they enter the university with a Master’s Degree. PhD grads advance from level 1 to level 2 pay following commencement that follows the completion of 30 credits.

Level 3: Grad Assistants who are PhD candidates advance from level 2 to level 3 at the start of the pay period that follows the certification of their comprehensive exam results by the graduate school verifying the exams were passed, with retroactive pay to the date of their oral comprehensive exam.

We also pushed hard to define a holiday schedule with mixed results, but we remain hopeful we will have clear language on this front soon.

It feels great to be making progress, but we will need to raise our collective voices to secure the rest of our proposed contract improvements. Looking forward to continuing to protect our rights as workers next year. :wink:

Please include a toast for GAU and our negotiations as you celebrate the close of a productive year!


GAU Negotiating Committee