GAU Bargaining Blog: Update #3

The Good News:

Brace yourselves, it’s going to be a busy double-session week! Thank you for those who were able to attend Tuesday’s General Assembly in between sessions! Your input and support made our negotiation session go much more smoothly. Your input is truly valuable. This is YOUR contract, after all!

Contract Reorganization

So look, in case you haven’t noticed, our current contract is sort of all over the place. In today’s session, we proposed a fully re-formatted contract as our final “initial” proposal. We’ve grouped similar things together in our final initial proposal, including strengthening some of our legal language to ensure our union is able to continue to be strong in a post-Janus world.

Non-Discrimination, Reporting Overworking

We also discussed in detail the current article on Non-Discrimination, where we proposed further articulation of the rights of new parents, and stronger non-discrimination language related to a GAs political or national identity. We also expanded our article on Consultation with the President regarding complaints about overworking, (now “Involvement in University Affairs”) and included a proposal to allow GAU to attend department meetings to make sure our members and their supervisors know what our rights are. We also proposed adding a new article on personnel files.

The Not So Great News:

Today was our fourth negotiating session so far. We’ve come to the table eager to hit the ground running every time we’ve met, but unfortunately the administration’s chief negotiator hasn’t been present for two of the four sessions we’ve had so far. We’ve of course continued to present our material, and those who have been there on the other side of the table have attentively engaged with us. We have done our best to make progress however possible, but the reality is that our progress will be limited as long as we continue to have the key person on the other side of the table missing. Our negotiating team will be meeting to explore the options we might want to employ to get this contract moving forward at a much faster clip.

Blog Logistics

We are excited to continue to share an insider view on how negotiations on your contract are unfolding. As always, please reach out to us at any time with your thoughts, your feedback, your concerns, and especially your support by emailing us, messaging us on FaceBook or Twitter, drop in at a General Assembly, join our Department Leadership Council… there are so many ways for you to get involved in this process.


—GAU Negotiating Committee