17 Feb

A fellow Iranian Grad speaks to Travel Ban Effects

The Five Cent Cigar recently published a poignant article about the personal impact of the Trump administration’s Executive Order on Immigration, including an interview with a brave Iranian grad student. Her story demonstrates just how destructive this policy is to those in the cross-hairs of this Executive Order through no fault of their own.

“Should I continue my program and doing my PhD in the U.S.?,” she said. “If so, with this order, I cannot visit my parents for at least, say, three more years. So, is that worth it? I didn’t do anything wrong. I pay my taxes. I was a very good student and I teach American students as well. I did my best here.”

An injury to one is an injury to all. GAU will continue to work to protect all of our members and our community from exploitation and discrimination. If you have concerns regarding your visa, immigration status,  the potential impact of the Executive Order on your academic studies, please visit www.urigau.org/immigration-help for a number of resources and steps you can take to find support here on campus.

To read the full article, have a look over here.

10 Feb

Resources for International Graduate Students at URI

If you have concerns regarding your visa, immigration status,  or any of the potential impact of the Executive Order restricting immigration, the following steps should be taken:

  1. Write a clear and specific email explaining your situation in detail with documentation support where relevant.
  2. Direct emails regarding visa and immigration-specific concerns to the Office of International Students and Scholars –(urigau@gmail.com)
  3. Be sure to copy Graduate Assistants United on the email (urigau@gmail.com) as well as your supervisor, and the Graduate School (urigrad@etal.uri.edu).
  4. Finally, reach out to those who you report to and higher within your department for further assistance.