Get Involved

How do I get involved with the GAU? 

GAU is only as strong as its members- we need you to get involved so we can continue to fight for your needs. 

Become an official member of GAU. Sign your membership card.  All GAs pay the same amount in dues to the union, but to be an active member, you need to sign a membership card.

Attend our events! In addition to our fall and spring membership dinners, we hold periodic events of a variable nature, both to communicate important issues to our membership and to find out what’s happening in your neck of the woods. Also because we like to feed you periodically.  Attendance is always free, you may get to vote on important matters (the budget, the executive board, our negotiating priorities) and as mentioned, there is usually food. Check your email and our events calendar to be sure to RSVP!

Join the Contract Action Team.

Join the Contract Action Team (CAT): WE NEED MORE CATS! If you’re interested in getting involved in making sure that we get the contract we’ve worked so hard for, you should be a member of the Contract Action Team. We regularly meet with members one on one to keep everyone informed, promote upcoming events, and arrange direct actions as needed to support contract negotiations. To step up and get involved, contact us here.

Run for Office. We have elections every Spring! If you are interested in phenomenal cosmic power profound levels of commitment and service, think about running for office. For more information, contact Danielle Dirocco.