2014 Contract Negotiations

Negotiations Update: per a July 16 communication with administration, we are on stand-by while the Board of Education appoints a commissioner. We will be arranging a meeting to settle logistical issues in the meantime. 

It’s time to negotiate our contract! The current contract expires at the end of the summer, and the GAU has filed the paperwork to negotiate.

We are currently holding regular meetings of the research committee (the next meeting will be held on August 5th), gathering the information we’ll need to present the strongest possible case for the wages, benefits and job security that our GAs deserve. Soon, we’ll be kicking into campaign mode, raising campus-wide awareness of the issues our GAs face.

Want to get involved in the process? Let us know! 

We’ll use this space to keep you updated! In the meantime, check out some of our issues pages:

Poverty Wages

Health Benefits

Guaranteed Funding

If you’ve been affected by these problems, consider sharing your story.